I Dream of Darcy

Regency Pride and Prejudice Variation

I Dream of Darcy

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Elizabeth Bennet refuses to sit idly while her sister pines for a lost love. Certain that Bingley will renew his addresses if only he and Jane are reunited, Lizzy travels from Hertfordshire to London to track him down.

A chance encounter brings her face to face with her nemesis, the disagreeable Mr. Darcy. Lizzy is certain he is responsible for parting Jane and Bingley in the first place. Though furious with him for the pain he has caused Jane, she is touched by the brotherly affection he shows towards his own sister, Georgiana.

Lizzy and Georgiana soon strike up a friendship that gains Lizzy and Jane invitations to the best society events. As Lizzy and Darcy are thrown more and more together, he tries to deny his growing ardor for her. But when an earl begins courting her, Darcy realizes he must act. Will the mistakes of the past get in the way of their future? Or will Our Dear Couple find their way to lasting love?

This sweet Regency romance is a standalone novel of 100,000 words. It includes kissing but no on-page intimacy.



Author: Andrea

Romance and women's fiction author.

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