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Darcy’s Fair Lady

Regency Pride and Prejudice Variation

Darcy's Fair Lady

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Fake engagement! Can Darcy convince London society that Elizabeth will become his wife—while persuading his heart that she won’t?

In London after quitting Netherfield, Darcy must convince Lady Catherine that he’s betrothed. It’s the only way she’ll let her daughter Anne marry her beloved. When Darcy receives a sudden windfall from one of his investments, he comes upon an idea. He offers Elizabeth Bennet a substantial sum to pose as his fiancée.

Lizzy is shocked by the impropriety of his proposal. Yet she and her sisters desperately need the funds to stave off genteel poverty. Plus, while she’s in London, she can help reunite her sister Jane with Bingley, her former suitor.

Living as guests under Darcy’s roof, Lizzy and Jane receive lessons to help them fit in with fashionable society. Lizzy discovers a new side to the Darcy she once despised: his kindness to his staff, his devotion to his sister, his concern for her wellbeing. Is there more to this handsome and fascinating man she once considered so proud? Could their faux betrothal turn real?

This sweet Regency romance is a 57,000-word standalone novel. It includes kissing but no on-page intimacy.

Snowed In with Darcy

Steamy Pride and Prejudice Variation

Snowed In with Darcy

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It’s cold outside…and there’s only one bed!

Walking home from Meryton, Elizabeth Bennet gets caught in a sudden snowstorm. A tall, handsome figure on horseback approaches. To her dismay, it’s the disagreeable Mr. Darcy, travelling from London to Netherfield.

The two shelter in her father’s hunting lodge until the storm passes. She’s shocked to learn the reason for Darcy’s journey. Stranded with him in a cabin overnight, can she protect her reputation? Or will she be forced to marry a man she despises?

Keep your vinaigrette handy for this steamy Pride and Prejudice sensual intimate variation! This novella has a happy ending and no cliffhanger.

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Darcy’s Affair in Brighton

Steamy Pride and Prejudice Regency Variation

Darcy's Affair in Brighton

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After the disastrous way they parted, can Lizzy reignite Darcy’s passion?

After her trip to Derbyshire is postponed, Lizzy comes upon Georgiana Darcy at a posting inn. The girl is alone and penniless, trying to making her way to Brighton. Elizabeth offers to serve as a travelling companion.

Suspecting that the girl once again plans to elope with Wickham, Lizzy sends word to Darcy through his aunt. But how can she face him again after the insulting way she refused his marriage proposal? And now that her loathing of him has cooled, can she learn to love him after all?

This steamy Pride and Prejudice sensual intimate variation will make you reach for your vinaigrette! It has a happy ending and no cliffhanger.

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